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BMW 6cyl M54 fuel rail

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Nuke Performance fuel rail for the BMW 6cyl M52TÜ, M54, and M65 engines, oversized internals, lightweight design, and equipped with our unique injector safety clips.

The BMW 6cyl M54 fuel rail is delivered with brackets for the M52TÜ, M54, and M65 engines and allows you to go with AN fuel lines and aftermarket injectors for your classic BMW engine.

  • Lightweight fuel rail that fits BMW 6cyl M54-style intakes
  • To be used with Bosch EV14L type injectors
  • AN-8 ORB threads in both ends enable a high fuel flow
  • Delivered with brackets for easy mount to the BMW M54 intake
  • AN-6 ORB side outlet/inlet for optional applications
  • Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85

The Nuke Performance's newest generation of fuel rails grants an easy fit to your engine with an extremely lightweight design. It uses the unique injector safety clips that fuel rails from Nuke Performance have become famous for, which grants a leakproof seal even during a crash where the fuel rail would get torn out of the intake manifold.

Perfect fitment for a BMW 6cyl M52TÜ, M54, and M56 engines, delivered with the needed hardware to mount to the intake.
The Nuke Performance BMW 6cyl M54 fuel rail is delivered with brackets for the 6cyl BMW M52TÜ, M54, and M56 engines. 
BMW M52TÜ 1998-2000
BMW M54B22 2000-2006
BMW M54B25 2000-2006
BMW M54B30 2000-2006
BMW M54B32 2000-2008
BMW M56B25 2002-2006

Please be aware that this fuel rail is only compatible with the M54 engines from BMW.

Nuke Performance BMW 6cyl M54 fuel rail Specifications:

Delivered with brackets for    6cyl M52TÜ 1998-2000
6cyl M54 2000-2008
6cyl M56 2002-2006
Injector type specification    Bosch EV14 L style
End inlet/outlet threads    AN-8 ORB (view assortment) *
Additional port thread    AN-6 ORB (view assortment) *
Length    500.00mm (19.68")
Height    32.00mm (1.25")
Weight    427.00g (15.06oz)
Fuel compatibility    Petrol, Gasoline, Ethanol, E85, E100, Methanol
For motorsports use    YES
 * not included, make sure to select the needed fittings when placing an order
 ** old generation that did not include brackets for the M54-style intakes

Nuke Performance BMW 6cyl M54 fuel rail includes:
1 x AN-8 ORB Full Flow fuel rail profile for BMW 6cyl M54 engine
2 x Aluminum brackets for BMW 6cyl M54 engine
1 x AN-6 ORB Plug
6 x Nuke Performance Injector safety clips
12 x MC6S M4x6mm stainless steel bolts
4 x K6S M6x10mm stainless steel bolts
2 x K6S M6x12mm stainless steel bolts

Side outlet fittings purchased separately.