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Link ECU CANLTW - CAN Connection Cable for WireIn ECU’s (6Pin CAN)

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Required to add CAN communication to WireIn ECU's which have CAN accessible via the 6Pin round CAN connector on the front of the ECU.     

Compatible ECU's:
G5 Voodoo Pro (CAN1)
G4X/G4+ Xtreme (CAN1)  
G4X/G4+ Fury (CAN1)  
G4+ Force (CAN1)  
G4+ Thunder (CAN1)  

DTM4 Male to LTW 6Pin. 12V & GND Flying Leads. CAN Loom Length 300mm (Flying lead length 500mm)  

DTM4 Pin Out
Pin 4: CAN H  
Pin 3: CAN L  
Pin 2: Ground  
Pin 1: 12V