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Ecumaster PMU-16 Autosport Version

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PMU Autosport Version

Ecumaster as a brand quickly became popular for delivering excellent
value for money products. This ethos was also noticed by high caliber
motorsport customers and OEMs, that developed a need for a more
professional line of products. For this reason, we would like to introduce
our new PMU16 AS.
The PMU16 Autosport Version is designed for demanding customers
and installations where reliability and robustness is priority.
Autosport connectors represent the highest quality connector
available and are the standard for professional motorsports and
aerospace industries. The battery connection utilizes a RadlokTM
connector rated to 200 amps that can be disconnected without the need
for any tools. The output connector is a custom 18 pin, 12 gauge
connector designed and manufactured specifically for Ecumaster. The
unit features an IP65 environmental protection rating, permitting its
use in the harshest of conditions, including dusty and wet
Compared to the standard PMU16, 6 low side outputs have been added
and are rated at 2 amps per channel. 14 of the main output channels
are rated at 25 amps, with two output channels rated at 40 amps.
As always with Ecumaster products mating connectors and terminals
are included at no extra cost, which represents substantial savings
and saves the hassle of ordering separate components.