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Toyota 1JZ/2JZ - Nissan 350Z Z33 370Z Z34 CD009

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The adapter kit enables users connection of Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ engine series with Nissan gearbox. It is an ideal solution for motorsport as well as for people who want to change (convert) automatic gearbox (transmission) to manual.

  • Designed in a CAD environment
  • Only certified materials were used in the production process
  • CNC machining
  • Replaceable cast iron friction surface
  • The flywheel is balanced prior to shipment

Engine list: 

  • Toyota 1JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 1JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GTE
  • Toyota 2JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 2JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Gearbox list: 

  • Nissan CD001
  • Nissan 350Z typ CD005 32010CD005 32010-CD005
  • Nissan 350Z typ CD006 32010CD006 32010-CD006
  • Nissan 350Z typ CD007 32010CD007 32010-CD007
  • Nissan 350Z typ CD008 32010CD008 32010-CD008
  • Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 typ CD009 32010CD009 32010-CD009 6MT
  • Nissan 370Z 320B0-1EA0A JK40C