DTA S100 Pro

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Stunning performance combined with a truly impressive and expanding range of features

The S100 represents the top of the range of our ECUS. In addition to the all S80 features, the S100 can control up to 10 cylinders sequentially, or 20 grouped together, as well as four variable camshafts. This includes the BMW Twin VANOS systems.

In addition, the S100 has a full paddle shift controller built in, which works with most pneumatic and electronic shifting systems available today.
Specifically, it works in conjunction with our electron actuator, the E-Shift. Full details of the E-Shift are available here.

Comprehensive input and output features are provided allowing sophisticated 6, 8 , 10 and 12 cylinder engines to be controlled easily and successfully.

An extremely high level of environmental protection has been implemented in its design allowing safe use in extreme conditions such as grass track, off road, marine and motorcycles.