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J's Garage Motorsport Toyota 4AGE 16v Trigger Kit

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Complete Trigger Kit to suit the Toyota 4AGE 16V RWD Engine. FWD option available upon request.

Available as Crank Only or Crank and Cam. 

Optional Billet Distributor Delete Blanking Plate.* 

Unlike other kits available on the market, this allows you to retain the OEM Damper in the Crank Pulley and retain Power steering and Air Conditioning if required.  

 Included in the Crank Only Kit:

  • Billet Aluminium Crank Sensor Mount
  • Zinc Coated Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Reluctor Sensor
  • Fasteners and Hardware


Included in the Crank and Cam Kit:

  • Billet Aluminium Crank Sensor Mount
  • Billet Aluminium Cam Sensor Mount
  • Zinc Coated Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Zinc Coated Cam Trigger Wheel
  • Reluctor Sensors
  • Fasteners and Hardware


*Please note we include the correct size core plug to blank the distributor on kits that don't include the billet distributor delete plate. 

The OEM Cam Pulley Cover will need modified to mount the Cam Sensor Mounting Plate.

 A Standalone engine management system with the capability to run a missing tooth trigger is required to use this kit such as:

  • Link G3-G4X
  • Haltech Elite
  • MaxxECU
  • Ecumaster Pro/EMU Black/EMU Classic
  • DTA S or T Series