About Us

PT Motorsport Electrics was founded in 2015 and is based in a secure, modern and fully equipped motorsport preparation workshop located in a small town in West Cork, Ireland. We have almost 20 years of experience in the motorsport industry where we have been part of and worked with teams all over the world. From racing ourselves since the age of 14, working with motorsport teams in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan to where we are now, PT Motorsport can offer a comprehensive motorsport service from building, maintaining and running your race car.  

We primarily provide high quality wiring harnesses and electronics to all forms and levels of motorsport worldwide. 

All design, manufacture, installation and setup of our harnesses is carried out in house in our dedicated motorsport wiring facility.

We also offer a full motorsport preparation service from fabrication, assembly, plumbing systems and electronics all carried out in house.

We can also offer Europe wide enclosed transport services and full on event support. 

Have a project you are planning to build? Get in touch!