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Ford Barra BA / BF 6cyl fuel rail

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Nuke Performance Fuel Rail for Ford engines, available for listed engines. Uses AN-8 (3/4 UNF) threads and is delivered with 2x AN-8 to AN-8 Male fittings.

This is a fuel rail from the first generation fuel rail from Nuke Performance. Delivered without mounting brackets, so custom fabrication is needed. As the Barra engine is popular to use with custom intakes this fuel rail is the perfect choice that let you adapt the fuel rail to your needs.

Available setups:

• Ford Barra BA / BF 6cyl *

  • Model specific fuel rail delivered without mounting brackets

Technical information :
• Aluminium extrusion 6082-T6.
• Delivered with 2x 3/4 UNF AN-8 fittings and 1x 1/4 G plug.
• Stainless injector safety brackets for safe operation.
• Anodized finish for long lasting function and corrosion free appearance.
• 17,5mm internal diameter which guarantees high and reliable flow.
• Laser engraved.

Measurements :
Height : 36 mm
Depth : 33 mm