Link ECU Boost Control Solenoid - 4 Port

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  • Thinking of turning up the boost to max? Then this 4 port boost control solenoid is perfect. It allows for precise boost control of up to 120PSI.

    4 port Boost control soldenoids are commonly used for big boost applications, boost levels can be raised as high as 6-7 times the spring pressure of the wastegate and they allow you to use lower wastegate spring pressures for more precise boost control when launching. Particularly useful in high power traction limited situations where you might want low boost in low gears and higher boost in high gears.

    • Up to 120PSI
    • Compatible with all Link ECU’s
    • Can be used with single or multiple wastegates
    • Fast and consistent response times
    • High shifting forces
    • MAC 45 series – Rugged, reliable and long operational life
    • Short stroke, high flow
    • Balanced poppet, immune to variations of pressure