MaxxECU MINI board

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MaxxECU MINI engine control, without box and CMC connector.
Intended for installation in an existing ECU box and requires soldering directly on the board.

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NOTE: Only for advanced users and this product has no guarantee as soldering takes place outside our control.

MAP sensor hose and clamp is included. Board is 65x70mm.

MaxxECU MINI, based on our market leading MaxxECU units and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software. Fast Facts:

  • 4 injector (high impedance only) and 4 ignition outputs
  • 4 ignition outputs (no internal amplifiers).
  • IAT, TPS, CLT analog inputs.
  • Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor.
  • 2 extra 0-5V analog inputs.
  • 2 extra digital inputs.
  • 4 extra GPO (GND) outputs.
  • CAN.
  • 1 trigger input (VR/Hall). Available digital input can be used as HOME for sequential control).
  • MTune PC-software with USB connection.
  • Superfast Cortex M3 120Mhz main processor.