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Porsche 4cyl 924S/944 fuel rail

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Nuke Performance fuel rail for the Porsche 924S / 944, oversized internals, lightweight design, and equipped with our unique injector safety clips.

The Porsche 924S / 944 fuel rail is delivered with brackets for the 924S and 944 intake and allows you to go with AN fuel lines and aftermarket injectors for your classic Porsche models.

  • Lightweight fuel rail that fits Porsche 924S / 944 8V engines
  • To be used with Bosch EV14L type injectors
  • AN-8 ORB threads in both ends enable a high fuel flow
  • Delivered with brackets for easy mount to the Porsche intakes
  • AN-6 ORB side outlet/inlet for optional applications
  • Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85

Nuke Performance Porsche 4cyl 924S/944 fuel rail Specifications:

Delivered with brackets for    924S 1986-188 2,5 8V
944 1985-1988 2,5 8V
944 1989 2,7 8V
944 Turbo (951) 1985-1991 8V
Injector type specification    Bosch EV14 L style
End inlet/outlet threads    AN-8 ORB (view assortment) *
Additional port thread    AN-6 ORB (view assortment) *
Length    441.00mm (17.36")
Height    32.00mm (1.25")
Weight    348.00g (12.27oz)
Fuel compatibility    Petrol, Gasoline, Ethanol, E85, E100, Methanol
For motorsports use    YES
 * not included, make sure to select the needed fittings when placing an order

Nuke Performance Porsche 4cyl 924S/944 fuel rail includes:
1 x AN-8 ORB Full Flow fuel rail profile for Porsche 924S/944
2 x Aluminum brackets for Porsche 924S/944
1 x AN-6 ORB Plug
4 x Nuke Performance Injector safety clips
8 x MC6S M4x6mm stainless steel bolts
4 x K6S M6x10mm stainless steel bolts
2 x K6S M6x12mm stainless steel bolts
2 x M6 stainless steel washers

Side outlet fittings purchased separately.