Wireless Steering Wheel Kit with Paddles

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We build our wireless steering wheel kits with the help of a number of different companies. The end result is a super modern and easy to use system to have all vital driver controls at the drivers fingertips.


- Custom built carbon steering wheel plates to most wheel types

- Professionally 3D Printed Rear Enclosure

- Double Paddles built into enclosure

- Numerous Switch Layout configurations available

- Wheel mounted paddles for paddleshift available

- Rotary switches for Launch/Traction/Boost etc available

- CANbus functionality


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Wireless Module Types: 


10 Channel Solid State Kit:

  • Full solid-state low-side switching of up to eight, 600mA loads, such as standard automotive relays, with built-in short circuit and overcurrent protection.
  • Two analogue channels for wireless potentiometer control such as Launch, Traction, Boost Control and many more
  • Leading the way with optional CAN output for seamless PDM and dash integration across all channels.
  • Includes a rainlight function, perfect for racing with dual solid light and 4Hz flashing hazard modes, and Flash-to-Pass to give a 2-second 4Hz headlight flash.
  • Endless re-configuration possibilities, using the included USB programming software and incorporating an IP67-rated USB port with rubber cap.
  • Choose any combination of smart headlight, smart indicator, IVA fog light and rainlight modes or momentary and latching behaviour for each solid state channel.
  • The Receiver measures 86 x 55 x 35mm and weighs 285g.
  • At a tiny 54 x 38 x 23mm, the Transmitter weighs just 61g including the battery!



All kits are made to order with a minimum 4 - 6 week lead time. Please contact us prior to purchasing with any custom requirement you may have.